Strategies to Maximize Your Trade-In

Getting a new car is one of life’s excitements. Buying a new car is also one of life’s bigger expenses, so when you’re ready to trade in your old vehicle for a new 2018 Kia Forte, you might want to maximize the value of the exchange. Before you meet with us at Kingston Kia, you could consider implementing the following strategies to help you with the trade-in for your new car.


There are two important numbers that you might want to research: 1) the wholesale value of the new model; and 2) the blue book value of your used vehicle. Having these figures in mind may likely minimize the time you spend negotiating your trade-in and maximize your satisfaction over the purchase of your new Kia.

Visual Appeal

It could be advantageous for you to devote a little time and maybe dollars into preparing your used auto for trade-in. Your car might only need a little elbow grease to polish it up or maybe a few dollars on a minor fix or fender bender repair, but it’s likely better for you to bring in your car when it’s in the best possible condition. Your chances of leveraging a good selling price can be helpful when your car is looking, and running, at its best.

Separate Negotiations

Consider keeping the trade-in and purchase exchanges separate. This way you keep the negotiation for each deal separate and clearly identified and decided. Then when both figures are final, the purchase agreement can be prepared. It’s time to get excited about your new car!

Satisfied Customer

You can help yourself become an informed consumer with some preparation before coming into Kingston Kia. Researching trade-in and purchase values and preparing your car for sale are likely to help with negotiating the purchase of your new 2018 Kia Forte or another Kia model so you can drive away as a satisfied customer.