The Futuristic Fun of the Kia

The sudden rise in popularity of Kia would make you think that the company is a sudden upstart. In fact, the company has made quite a name for itself in recent decades. However, it is a company that has been around for a while with a rich history. Only recently has the brand name finally gotten a spot in the limelight. The 2018 Kia Rio is another example of how much the company is making its mark on the industry.

Kia boasts quite a background, first as a company that sold bicycle parts in the 1940s. A few decades later, it would find itself dedicated exclusively to producing automobiles, first for commercial usage, then as sedans and lightweight trucks, the precursors to SUVs.

Today, Kias are everywhere with a variety of vehicles under its repertoire. One such model is the 2018 Kia Rio, a small sedan with a 130-horsepower kick, which is available in three options. The small yet powerful car, regardless of which option you choose, offers great gas mileage and awesome safety features such as electronic stability control, front and side airbags, side impact door beams and front and rear crumple zones.

In addition to safety, the Rio offers up-to-speed tech features such as a mounted touchscreen console, Bluetooth compatibility, along with USB ports and 12V outlets. It also has wheel-mounted controls to the vehicle’s console so that you can more fully engage in driving without distractions. Finally, for a smaller car, it has an impressive sound system: the base model has four speakers and the two upper-level models boats six speakers with front tweeters for an optimized party in the car.

The 2018 Kia Rio is an economic sedan that enjoys not only safety but fun. To join in the futuristic fun, hop on over to Kingston Kia for a test drive. You won’t regret the decision.